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How to become Xcusas Ambassador? 

Welcome to the Xcusas Family!

To become an ambassador for the Xcusas brand, all you need to do is fill out this form and, most importantly, ensure that your values align with ours. As soon as we receive your form, the Xcusas team will reach out to you for the selection process. Activate your power !


Join our exciting affiliate program with the Xcusas brand and unlock incredible benefits. As an affiliate, you'll receive complimentary access to our latest collections and an exclusive discount code to share with your followers and audience. Not only will you have the privilege of enjoying high-quality products from our most recent collections, but you'll also have the opportunity to earn commissions for each purchase made using your code, boosting your earnings while promoting fashion and lifestyle products.

Furthermore, this partnership provides an opportunity to strengthen your online presence and influence. Share your experiences, reviews, and recommendations to build a robust online presence. Join our affiliate program today and discover how Xcusas can help you grow, provide value to your audience, and earn commissions while enjoying exclusive fashion products.

By becoming a brand ambassador, you'll play a pivotal role in our mission to inspire others to embrace their authenticity and live a life full of energy and passion. Together, we'll share stories, celebrate achievements, and build a true community that extends the Xcusas message beyond sportswear, impacting lives and encouraging everyone to stay true to themselves.


We believe in offering you the opportunity to become a part of the Xcusas family that aligns with your unique abilities. That's why we've chosen to categorize our teams into different levels, ensuring that each member enjoys tailored benefits based on their individual contributions. Most importantly, we value the sense of belonging within the Xcusas family.

  • -1000 Folowers

  • Unique Code

  • 10% OFF Xcusas Collection

  • 5% profit for each item sold Upon completing 10 sales (monthly), move to Level 2.

  • +2000 Folowers

  • Unique Code

  • 1 FREE item ( Each collection )

  • 15% OFF Xcusas Collection

  • 10% profit for each item sold

  • Upon reaching 25 sales (monthly), move to Level 3.

  • +10k Folowers

  • Unique Code

  • FREE 2 Sets Xcusas Collection ( each collection)

  • 20 %OFF Xcusas Collection

  • 13% profit for each item sold

  • Upon achieving 100 sales (monthly),  receive a 20% commission for each sale.

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