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Ek Leggings


Ek leggings are our so-called star pants.

Ek leggings have been designed with an appropriate size and materials to provide more comfort and safety when wearing them. Ek pants are designed with 4 layers in the intimate area, each of which offers better absorption, perspiration and comfort.

1st layer: Moisture Transport

This innermost layer of Ek leggings , quickly wicks fluids away from the body. It is made by a soft and breathable material and is closest to the skin. Normally the 1st layer of Ek Leggings, is made of a mesh fabric that is soft and cool to the touch, for greater breathability.

2rd layer: Protective membrane

The protective membrane makes the Leggings waterproof as it blocks the exit of any liquid. This layer is attached to the second layer, thanks to a sealing technology, these two make one layer, to provide more comfort and lightness of movement.

3nd layer: Moisture absorption

This layer has a central function: it immediately absorbs any liquid, helping to protect and feel more comfortable when wearing the leggings. We use the technology of PUL fabric which is made of polyester with a laminate on the inside that makes it waterproof and breathable.

4th layer: Visible, the last layer is made of the legging material, providing a uniform appearance to the design, this last layer is the same layer of the entire legging.

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